No post is an island
You can find recent pieces in the sidebar on each MyWord post.

Here's the plan.

There's a hamburger icon in the upper left.

Click on it, and there's a list of recent articles.

Click on any link, and the contents of that article is displayed in the right panel.

Click the hamburger icon again to close the list, and read.

The list is built from the RSS feed for the site.

#### How to

To get this feature for your site, if your site is on, just reload the editor and choose *Publish all posts* from the Editor menu. Now each page will have a table of contents in the left panel.

If you're running sites on your own server, update your copy of the myWordEditor app to version 0.55, and re-publish all posts.

Please report any problems on the mail list.

#### Change notes

Here are the change notes for v0.55.