A modest editor plug-in proposal
A way for anyone with an itch to play with different editors in MWE.

This week, I spent yet more time looking at new text editors for MyWord Editor, and realize I'm still far from a decision. None of them are, for me at least, easy to just drop into the MWE JavaScript app.

Note: There's already a long thread of blog posts and discussion about the choice of text editor for MyWord Editor.

I thought about doing a plug-in scheme, to make the editor a choice for the sysop or even for the user. But there too, it's more complicated than I initially imagined.

So, I decided to do a small amount of factoring, to make it easy for a JS developer to hook another editor into MWE without disrupting anything.

#### The "editor" folder

There's a new folder in the repo called *editor.* Right now there's just one file in that folder, scripts.js, and in that file, three routines, getEditorText, setEditorText and initEditor. They are called in the main code of MWE in scripts.js at the top level.

If you want to, for example, try using TinyMCE, you'd just replace the object with one that it likes, and initialize it. You can include whatever files you need using document.writes at the top of scripts. js.

#### Let us know what you're doing

Ultimately I'd like to have a default editor be something nicer than the HTML 4 <textarea> that's there now. If you get something running well, show it to us on the list.

What I'm looking for is explained in this post.

#### Announcement

Here's the blog post announcing the new release.