Andrew wants a home page
Another good feature request from Andrew Shell.

I had a talk with Andrew last week, and he gave me a bunch of things to think about. It's good. He's acting like a product manager. Seeing the things that are missing in MWE while I have my head down programming on this and other projects.

#### He asked for a home page

D'oh! Of course a blog needs a home page. I hadn't done one for MWE yet.

#### Here you go...

Here's the demo page. It's showing you the first 25 stories on my blog.

I put the source code in a gist on GitHub.

#### How it works

It's really simple. It reads the RSS feed for my site, and just formats the posts using the information in the feed. There's no reason a JavaScript app can't do that. I've set the CORS headers on the site so you can get the XML text from an app running in the browser. From there, you can make it look like anything.

I use some of the utility routines I have developed for Fargo and other products. You're welcome to use those in your experimentation, but we'll use open source releases of those routines if something deployable comes from this

#### It's a starting point

I got a pretty good start on a home page, but had to move on. So what I present here gives you a demo of some good code, that I think is the core of how the home page in MWE should work. But it's only a start. It needs to be thought about, and experimented with before it's ready to add to the product.

So I put this out there as a starting point for other programmers and users. Maybe we can work together on this? I'd like to find a way to get other minds working here.

What I'm looking for a discussion, sharing of ideas, and example code.