Thanks Heroku!
Thanks for helping me get started with Node.js. Now it's time for me to say goodbye.

It's hard work, going through every one of the little apps I put up on Heroku, but I have to do it. The consolation is that I'm moving off a proprietary architecture to a commodity.

Heroku shows that a new level of factoring is possible. It could be that Docker will provide the commoditization of this level. I'm still confused. I've only been programming in this neck of the woods for a little over a year. I'll keep diggin. ;-) 

### This is a test

This is actually a test post, as I ported the back-end for MyWord Editor from Heroku to my new Ubuntu server.

Theoretically each port should take about 15 minutes, but each one has it's special quirks. Each one was a development project of about a month. It's really fucked up having to go re-dig up these things and move them. God only knows how many problems will surface months from now.

Knock wood. Praise Murphy.