How do you think Markdown should work in the editor?

Update: I have Markdown working. 

It took a little bit of effort because Markdown and medium-editor are not compatible. 

Markdown doesn't go into <p> elements, and that's what medium-editor generates. So I had to process each paragraph through Markdown separately. Then it worked. ;-)


For example, here's a little italic text. I did that with Markdown asterisks.

Here's some bold text, done with double asterisks.

And ~~strikethrough~~ with double-tildes. (Didn't work.)

An inline-style link pointing to a great blog.

Inline code has back-ticks around it.

alt text


This is only going to work for Markdown that does not span multiple lines. Then the <p>s that medium-editor adds will interfere. Nothing to be done about that. 

I think we should process Markdown on the way out to the published version.

In other words, Markdown is not wizzy. As it is supposed to be. 

It's kind of nice to have your choice of Markdown or wizzy, depending on the mood.

Makes your text a bit more portable too, btw. Since Markdown syntax is supported in lots of environments. 

Let's see what happens when I mark this up with some Markdown.