MWE gets rssCloud support
Now updates can be real-time.

If you look at the feed produced by MWE, running on, you'll see there's a new <cloud> element in the feed. This is a new feature in version 0.69. 

As a result, when I update my feed, any aggregators that have requested notification using the information in the <cloud> element will get a ping telling them to read the feed, where they will find a new or updated element. 

The net-effect is that updates appear almost instantaneously, where this feature is supported, which mainly, today is in River4, my RSS reader software. Someday I hope all RSS readers will support this feature. ;-)

If you're running your own copy of MWE, you can have this support by editing your config.json file to follow the way mine works. 

There are more links in the change notes for this release.