My latest headphones
These are my current favorite Bluetooth headphones for listening to music and podcasts.

I buy headphones like some people buy shoes!

I read on Wirecutter about Jabra Move headphones. They were really inexpensive, Bluetooth, which has become a requirement for me these days, and Amazon had them, so of course I got a pair.

I love them!

The sound is great of course. I say this because my hearing is that of a guy who went to too many loud Grateful Dead and Alice Cooper concerts in his youth. My eardrums will only hear a certain range and quality. I think other people hear better. It is what it is. These headphones have a nice clarity and good bass.

What I like most about them is their design. They have a quality feel. They're small. Light. Easy to wear.

As I walk around the city I always look at other people's headsets. Mostly they're too big and the wires look awkward to me. Why would anyone use wired headphones when wireless ones are getting so good?

I liked them so much I got a pair for a friend for Christmas.