Silo-Free Internet Blogging
It can be very easily done, just ask anyone.

I've been using MyBlog Editor since 7 March 2015, the first day Dave let some of us begin to try it out. I wrote seven essays on the original server he gave us to use and then two more on another one he had us use. Now Andy DeSoto has graciously offered his new MWE server in St. Louis for folks to use and here I am on that one!

I have become an Itinerant Blogger, the vagabond who's rapping at your door. I keep track of the provinces I have visited in Thailand (now 30 of the 76). So maybe I should start keeping track of the MWE servers I have used for posting as well. A new sport, MWE server blogging?

One day I will have my own MWE server, but I'm not sure when, as I'm a relatively computer literate writer, but I've not yet learned how to configure a server. With some study and perhaps some mentoring by the technically more savvy, I will eventually have my own home on the Silo-Free Internet.

Family Memories

My grandparents (my father's parents) lived in Glendale and my father's sister and her family (she, our uncle and two cousins) lived in Webster Groves. My father had gotten his engineering degree from Washington U. So we drove many times from our home in Illinois to visit them in St. Louis, hot and muggy in the summertime. One time we went to a Cardinal game on a special day when the young kids got to go down and walk through the Cardinal dugout before the game. AND meet all the players, who were sitting in the dugout, each holding a stack of special baseball cards, which they handed out to the kids as we went by. These were about twice the size of regular baseball cards and each of us ended up with a stack, one for each member of that mid 1950's team: Ken Boyer, Red Schoendienst, Stan the Man, and all the rest. Schoendienst told me he liked my (pink) shirt as he shook my hand and handed me his card. Of course, then I liked him the best of all.

My mother did a great job of keeping a lot of memorabilia from our early years, but somehow those cards disappeared, not just my set, but my brother's as well. And now she is gone too, for many years. We miss them all, the Cards' cards and our mother.

But we still have our father, who is 99 years old today, Ninety-Nine!! Later today we will drive down to my brother's house in Montery County and take him out for dinner. He will want some pie. Our mother made the Best Pie Ever!! especially her cherry pie and her lemon meringue pie.

Thanks, Andy & Dave!

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25 March 2015